Desirable Roses

Rose Care


 Here you will find the best tips to make your flowers last!


Roses are thirsty flowers, so check them daily to make sure they have enough water. If a rose wilts and becomes limp, remove it from the bouquet and re-cut the stem under running water. Re-hydrate the flower in room temperature water mixed with flower food (provided with your bouquet) until the rose bloom becomes firm. The rose can then be returned to the bouquet.
• Every day, add fresh, room temperature water properly mixed with flower food provided with your floral bouquet. Carefully follow the directions on your flower food packet; the treated water shouldn´t be too diluted or too cloudy.
• It is important to keep fresh flowers in water at all times as they continue to "drink" water even after they are cut. Exposure to air — even for a brief time — may cause the water-absorbing cells in the stem to shrivel and seal over. This can dramatically shorten the life of your floral bouquet.